Massimo Caiazzo (Naples, 1966) is a color expert, teacher, designer and consultant. He applies a sensible approach to light and color in architecture, design, fashion and communication. Caiazzo is the president of the Italian chapter of the International Association of Color Consultants, a color school highly regarded
by the Munsell Foundation. His background in color was jump-started at Atelier Mendini in Milan (1990–2006), where he was part of the team run by the great designer and artist Alessandro Mendini, a master of polychrome.
Caiazzo is also indebted to Frank Mahnke and Narciso Silvestrini for their teachings on the interdisciplinary nature of color and the importance of sharing its culture and making it a resource for the rehabilitation of our built surroundings.
In 2021 he was nominated testimonial of Italian Design in the world. In 2021 and 2023 he was a keynote speaker for Color Impact, a symposium on color in the built environment.
He published with Silvia Botti the book “Living Colours” for Hoaki books.

Areas of Chromatic Design, Art Direction and Design

– Automotive: Fiat 500 (2003); Lancia Y (2005)

– Nautical: Cantieri di Baia (2002); Claus Loewe (2015)

– Public transport: Naples Metro (2000); natural gas bus, Verona (2004)

– Urban redevelopment: Bollate Prison, Milan (2008); Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Mirabella Eclano (2010); Boccioni High School, Milan (2017); Zappa Library, Milan (2020)

– Urban furniture: City of Naples (2001)

– Exhibition spaces, commercial activities: Banca Albertini-Syz, (2007); Flag Store Alberto Guardiani (2008); Scaturchio pastry shop, Naples (2009); Qubica Bowling, United States (2012); Cantine Ciani, Mirabella Eclano (2019); OTS showroom, Padua (2022)

– Industrial plants: OTS, Padua (2019); Vetropack, Boffalora sul Ticino (2022);

– Architectural and Interior design: Gianna Nannini’s home studio, Milan (2002); Ceccarelli House, Milan (2008); Villa Mura, Capri (2008); Villa of Annamaria Bernardini De Pace, Monte Marcello (2010); Zambala Residence, Milan (2013); Casa Frari, Venice (2014); Casa Del Maso, Milan (2018); Hunday Buildings, Seoul (2020); Casa Galdo, Rome (2022); Casa Necchi, Cernobbio (2022), Building via Valsugana, Milan (2022)

– Product Design: Swatch (1992/2004); Alessi (1994/2004); Bisazza (1992/2004); Philips (1994); Slamp (1996); Abet Laminati (1998); Trend, Fornace Orsoni, Venezia (2010, 2022)

– Fashion: Etro (1996/2002); JDX Korea (2013/2018)

Exhibitions, Events

– Installations: Chromatic Artichoke (1990); Mediterranean Archetype (1999); Snow White with Alessandro Mendini, Future Film Festival, Bologna (2001), In the Fog with Leonardo (2019); Dinner with Itten (2021)

– Performances: Colour is Music (1999); Synesthesia (1995); Chromacoma (2009)

– Exhibitions: “Being-Wellness” Milan Triennale (2000); “Normal Wonders” (2004); Genoa; “The Art of Italian Design” Athens, Montreal (2005); “New Chromatic Landscape”, X Venice Architecture Biennale (2006); “What things we are”, La Triennale Design Museum (2010); (2010). “Bringing color to life”, Newcastle, Sage Gateshead (2013); “Oh Coleurs!”, Musèe des Arts Dècoratifs of Bordeaux (2017); “Design+Sensibile”, Milan (2018/19/22); Policromia, personal exhibition at the Royal Palace of Santo Domingo (2019). (2019) “In the Garden of Eden: Alessandro Mendini and Friends”, Galleria Colombo, Milano (2021).

Exhibitions in permanent collections: Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg; Musée des Arts Décoratifs of the Louvre in Paris; Museum 4th Block of ecological art in Kiev.

– Conferences: Festival of the Mind, Sarzana (2004) Italian Cultural Institute in Washington (2015); Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul (2016), IAC, International Color Conference, Jeju (2017); Hongik University, Seoul; (2017); Hanyang University, Seoul (2018); University of Paris West (2018) Color Impact 2021, keynote speaker at Yale University, Usa (2021); Smolensk State University, Russia (2022); Color Impact 2023, Institute for New Technology of Rochester, Usa (2023).